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Services Offered

Coaching is a process to assist you in defining your purpose and attaining your dreams. As your Life Coach I assist you through this process and we do all the work over the phone: I am your mentor, your cheerleader, and sometimes, even your conscience. If you are ready for this powerful, life-changing experience, call today for a complimentary 45-minute consultation to get you started or email me below. Find out more ...

Tarot Readings:
The tarot is an art and a tool I use to assist you in getting in touch with your thoughts and feelings. It is a visual map to your subconscious and a "mirror to your Soul". It can offer insight and clarity to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. The readings alert you to the past, present and show patterns that may operate in the future. You can change these patterns for you are in control of your own destiny. Find out more ...

Past Life Regression:
Past life regressions must be done in person so that I can relax you and allow your subconscious to bring up these memories of former lives. The past life regression can allow you to see patterns of various lifetimes and this is helpful in determining your purpose or mission for this lifetime. The regression can also help in resolving a dilemma or challenge that may have come up in the coaching sessions. Find out more ...

Personal Growth Tours:
I also offer other life altering experiences such as tours of the Southwest. These tours are designed to bring you in touch with yourself as well as in touch with the beauty and majesty of the Arizona land. Each journey is dedicated to the awakening of your body, mind and spirit. Find out more ...

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