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Past Life Regression

     "Sedona arrived at my home with music in tow and her beautiful modulated, calm and peaceful voice. I turned off all my phones and there was peace in my house. After about 15 mins. of Sedona's voice lulling me into a hypnotic state I was very relaxed. Sedona painted a picture with her words and asked me what I saw.
     Once the regression was over and Sedona brought me out of the hypnotic state we talked about what I had experienced and how I could interpret what I had seen. She also talked about taking the next few months to really internalize and think about what I had seen and how to apply it to my life now.
     This experience helped me confirm some thoughts I've been having about how I want my life to be and has enabled me to put into action some plans to get me there."

~ D.F., Astrologer

     ""My past lives sessions with Sedona have been life changing. When I find myself feeling low or depressed all I have to do is go back to the powerful emotions I perceived during the sessions and I instantly feel better. Its like an ahaa moment. This is a tool I use often and it will never leave me. Thanks Sedona."

~ Kathy, Hairdresser

Do all your relationships seem to be with the same type of person?

Do you have the same problems at your jobs even though you change bosses or go to a different company?

Do you have the nagging feeling that you are suppose to accomplish something during this lifetime but can't quite get a handle on it?

Do you have a reoccurring medical problem that keeps coming back even after a doctor has "cured" it?

Or are you afraid of dying?

The above issues and questions can often be resolved or answered with a past life regression. Many problematic relationship issues, destructive habits and addictions, irrational fears and physical ailments are rooted in past life experiences. Experiencing a past life regression can often heal these physical and emotional problems quickly and deeply. However, it is not necessary to have a serious problem to benefit from this process. According to psychiatrist, Brian Weiss, MD., in his book Through Time Into Healing ; "Many productive, highly functioning people suffering from seemingly minor problems and worries can also profit", through the experience of a past life regression.

The regression experience can often unleash sources of hidden strength and even remove creative blocks. Often it allows you to see patterns to your various lifetimes and this is helpful in determining your purpose or mission for your current life.

All memories, including those of prior lives, are in the subconscious mind. In a past life regression, relaxation techniques and hypnosis are used to access the subconscious mind and the memories of prior lives that are stored there. You experience a "reliving" of the prior life and come to a profound understanding of what created the current issue. In most cases, this understanding allows you to let go of the issue instantly. Past life regressions are done in person and usually at your home as I find that you will need time and quiet after the regression to sit with the information you have been given. I relax you and allow your subconscious to choose which lifetime you need to experience at this time. When I say, "you need", I have found that the lifetime you experience is one which is most relevant to what is happening in your life currently.

I then take you back to your earliest memory of the regressed lifetime and together we experience every major event of that lifetime, right though your transition or death. The regression can take anywhere from an hour to three hours depending on how long you may have lived.

After the regression I spend time with you going over what has occurred and what you might expect after you have experienced your first regression. I suggest you don't schedule anything for at least several hours after your regression so that you have the time to assimilate the experience.

If you have any questions regarding regressions, please do not hesitate to phone or email me below as I am always happy to answer your questions.

Past Life Regressions must be done in person so check out my schedule to see when I will be in your area and then call or email me for an appointment. If I am not scheduled to be in your area and you can get together a group of five or more people who will schedule regressions, please call me at (520)400-8250 or email me below.

The other alternative is that I travel from New England to Arizona twice a year and may be able to make arrangements to be in your area, again please see my schedule.

The regression experience is always powerful and life transforming.

Past Life Regression Fees

An entire morning or afternoon must be booked for the regressions as they may last as long as three or more hours, depending on the length of the lifetime. They must be done in person so check my schedule to see if or when I will be in your area. If I am not scheduled to be in your area and you can get together a group of five or more people who will schedule regressions, please call me at (520) 400-8250 or email me below.

I do travel from New England to Arizona twice a year and may be able to make arrangements to be in your area, again see my schedule.

Past Life Regression: $175/session

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