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About Sedona

"My purpose is to live a life of fearless adventure and purposeful service, learning and growing through relationship, celebrating the feminine and listening to and following Spirit's guidance." ~ Sedona Sunrise

I am a Life Coach who works with people whose lives either are not going in the direction they want or are not moving forward as quickly as they would like. I assist them to identify and release their internal blocks. With the tools I use and my approach, people get fast results that create shifts in all areas of their lives.

My background incorporates a very successful 25-year career in business with extensive time and energy devoted to self-awareness and spiritual growth. My work as a consultant has brought me into many different organizations over the years. People who have worked with me, as well as those in personal relationship with me, regard me as a catalyst for change in their lives.

I am certified by the American Tarot Association as a Tarot Consultant and by the National Guild of Hypnotists as a certified Hypnotherapist and am also a Reiki Level II healer. I am currently in the process of getting my coaching certification through IAC (International Association of Coaches).

If you'd like to know more about my life, read More About Sedona, or How I went from Director of Management Information Systems to a Tarot Reading, Past Life Regression Facilitating, Life Coach On the Way to Living My Perfect Life.

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