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How I went from Director of Management Information Systems
To a Tarot Reading, Past Life Regression Facilitating Life Coach
On the Way to Living My Perfect Life

Always a searching, wondering kind of person as a teenager and young adult, I would ask what is this Earth all about?, Why are we here?, Why am I here?, Is there a God? - all the usual questions. I grew up during the late 60's and early 70's, an era of major change and paradigm shifts in this country. During this time, I protested the war in Vietnam, marched for civil rights, and experimented with the typical mind altering substances of my generation, always searching, looking for answers.

After graduating from high school in a small, coastal town in Connecticut, I left for California, the Mecca of my generation and spent a summer there. In the fall, I moved to Boston, then to New Haven, Chicago and Cape Cod. During these moves I worked in a health center in the Roxbury/Jamaica Plains area of Boston and then for the JOBS program, hoping maybe even if I couldn't save myself somehow I would help save the world. Then came the first recession of my life and all I knew was medical records and how to set up job training programs for the "disadvantaged". Nobody was doing any job training as there were 10 qualified engineers for every job opening whether it was a skilled job or not.

I went back to Connecticut and found a job reading toxicology files for Pfizer, the drug company. They were computerizing their toxicology experiments and needed to set up a keyword system to retrieve the data. In the morning I would read the files, determine what keywords would best describe the experiment, then in the afternoon enter those keywords into a key punch machine or review the punch cards from the previous day for errors and make corrections. One day I decided to see where these punched cards came from and went looking for the computer room.

Walking into that computer room, I had the strangest sensation that "I had come home". I just knew that working with computers was where I belonged and what I needed to be doing with my life. All my questions were answered, I was put here to control these computers which I just knew were about to take over and control our "new" world.

Those were the days when there was no Computer Science degree or BS in Management Information Systems; everyone was pretty much self-taught on the job. You could take programming courses, which I did and then managed to convince the systems group at Bose Corporation (yes, the stereo people) that they should hire me as a computer operator and teach me programming. And thus began my rise to (very geographically limited) fame and fortune in the computer industry. It was now 1980 and I was Manager of Application Engineering for a new and progressive division of an old, very established Fortune 100 company. My significant other and I owned a beautiful new contemporary home in the suburbs of Boston. We also had 10 acres in the woods on which we were going to build the "dream house" we had designed. The money was flowing, material things abundant, and life was good. Then my mother died of colon cancer at age 49.

She was only fifteen years older than I was and the questions started coming again, only this time they were not about why was I here, but what if I wasn't here. What if I only had fifteen years left to live? What would I do with my life? Suddenly the houses and material things just didn't do it anymore. I turned to my significant other and asked him, "If the doctor gave you two years to live, what would you do?" He replied that he would go to the Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and become an actor. He had been accepted there after high school but his parents said he had to go to college first. Then he asked me what I would do and I replied, "I'd buy a motorhome (not even knowing what one was) and travel around the country". At which point I said, "well, why don't we sell everything and live our dreams?"

This was the beginning of my journey to find out who I really was, why I was on this particular planet at this particular time and to find a life that transcended the material and gave me an opportunity to know God on a very personal level. For a year I traveled this country in a motor home searching for God. Instead I found that everyone has a story and that there is incredible beauty in this country. I followed those stories as if directions and my guess is that they were told by God. Do you suppose it was God flowing down the Mississippi River, God carved in the stones of the Rockies, and buried in the canyons of Brice and Sedona? I sense it was God in everyone and everything I met.

During this time I found this land called Arizona that I love, although I didn't move here right away. It was several years later that my spiritual advisor, Slow Turtle, instead of directing me to a vision quest in Sedona, sent me to "do service" on an Indian reservation in Parker, Arizona. After spending three days on that river running through the desert, I packed up everything and moved there.

During the following years, wonderful people who I saw as angels and teachers came into my life to assist me and teach me on my journey. I learned how to read the tarot and facilitate past life regressions. I was psychoanalyzed, psychodramatized, 12-stepped, bio-energized, vision quested, self-helped, and work-shopped. When I needed money I fell back on my computer skills and did consulting, contract programming etc. Sometimes I even took a job and worked part-time using my computer skills. I earned extra money doing readings and regressions.

As I pursued my adventures, I kept thinking of something my Mom had told me when I was fifteen. Our neighbor was taking care of her mother-in-law who was in her late 80's and was dying. Suddenly, the mother-in-law said, "You know I never went to Howard Johnson's and I always wanted to go there". Now as it turns out, this woman lived about 25 yards from Howard Johnson's. When my Mom told me this story, I vowed that I was not going to die regretting anything I had not done.

Because of this vow, I have traded and bartered in the Casbashs of Morocco and Algeria; learned enough Spanish while driving the countryside of Spain to order "uno aqua sin gas" and frowned upon the Swiss as they treated their children as little princes and princesses. I have caught a king fish in the Gulf of Mexico, parasailed over the Bahamas, ballooned the countryside of Maine, climbed the Aztec ruins of Mexico, walked over hot coals, white river rafted the Kennebec, and survived the subways of New York City. I have ridden horses into Canyon de Chelley, mules into the Grand Canyon, Space Mountain at Disney World and elephants at Busch Gardens.

After living in Arizona for eleven years, disliking the summers and missing my family more and more each year, I decided it was time to figure out a way to spend summer and fall back in Connecticut and winter and spring in Arizona. I also was aware that it was time to do my readings and regressions full time and cut out any computer work, as it no longer felt like "home". The metaphysical was the realm I now felt most comfortable in.

As I read more and more for others, I would give people direction for their life as indicated by the cards and therefore, their subconscious. They would often say, "I know that's what would really make me happy, but I don't know how to get to that place in my life." I would then say, "I'm sorry, and I'll see you in six months". I will only read for people once every six months unless they have had a major event in their life. Many times, they would come back in six months and the same scenario would occur again. This is when I realized that I could put together all the self-help work I had done in the past, join CoachVille and learn coaching skills and then I could offer my clients "a process to get to their soul purpose and really live it."

Coaching is done on the phone and therefore I can do it from anywhere. This has given me the opportunity to live my true life purpose while living in my little cottage on the beach in Connecticut in the summer and fall and returning to Tucson for the cold winter months. And that's the whole story of how I got from Director of Management Information Systems to a Tarot-reading, past life regression facilitating Life Coach on the way to living my perfect life. Once more, I have come home.

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