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Are you living your ideal life? Do you even have a picture of what it looks like? If not, you could benefit from coaching.

Coaching is a process to assist you in defining your purpose and mission and creating an ideal life that supports both your purpose and mission. As your Life Coach I assist you through this process, working together over the phone. Initially,I lay out a tarot reading that shows what I call a "spiritual map" or a "mirror to your soul". The cards tell us your deepest desires, which are often hidden in your subconscious. The reading typically gets you headed in the direction of your passions, strengths and soul purpose.

Next, I email you a list of questions that as you answer them, help you to clarify and define your ideals in more depth. Answering the questions will allow you to look at your life in new ways, giving you a new perspective on who you are and the direction you are going. As we work together, you will explore your core values. Core values are the values of your fundamental nature. They are the values you came in with, they are what you authentically hold as having worth. These are what are most important to you. As we work together on your answers, your core values and your day-to-day life, you will get more clear on your purpose, your mission and your vision for your ideal life. At that point you will be able to write your vision.

Once you know your ideal vision for your life, together we formulate a plan for you to create this life. You will set specific goals with time frames in which these goals can be accomplished. All this is done, keeping in mind, that it is important to enjoy the life you are living right now. Often times during this process, blocks will appear that seem to hinder your progress and growth.

Again, together we will identify these blocks and work on allowing you to release them. We will work on releasing anything or anyone who no longer serves you.

As your Coach, I am your mentor, your cheerleader, sometimes, even your conscience. If you are ready for this powerful, life-changing experience, call today for a complimentary 45-minute consultation to get you started or email me at sedona@sedonasunrise.com.

Check out my Resources page for books about Coaching and defining and living your purpose.

Coaching Fees

Monthly pricing plans based on client's needs and income.
Please call or email before signing up.


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