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The first time I arrived in the Southwest, I knew that when Mother Earth was formed, the Creator located heaven right here in the place called Arizona. It is a land that I have loved since, with its multi-hued desert hills, broad mesa, soaring buttes, vast canyons, and massive mountains that give an impression of boundless space. I have spent many hours discovering, exploring and experiencing the natural wonders of this land. This exploration has opened to me the natural wonders of my own being.

These ventures have led me to the vision of sharing these experiences with others who also wish to explore the wonders of their own being by journeying to and exploring the lands of Arizona.

At Sedona, drifting clouds, towering pinnacles and sheer canyon walls create a magical setting. Monoliths of vivid red rock appear to be cast adrift from the Mogollon Rim. Oak Creek, the water that carved this landscape, glides gracefully through Sedona creating a ribbon of green along its banks that contrasts sharply with the red land. The Yavapai Indians hold this area to be sacred. Part of their creation legends tells of an Indian goddess with supernatural powers who lived in Sedona and passed the ancient knowledge down to her grandson, The First Man.

Today Sedona is known for its powerful energy vortices. A Vortex is a "power spot" where a great concentration of energy emits from the earth. The Indians also say that the red mountains are like a great magnet and that people are drawn to them because it is the home of the Great Spirit. Amid red-rock country, it is said, man comes face to face with himself and the potential of his nature.

Each journey is dedicated to profound awakening of our bodies, minds, emotions and souls. To do this we will use the incredible surroundings, our own inner exploration, yoga, journal work, meditation, myth and Native American ritual. We seek an empowering experience to bring home to our relationships, work and daily life.

The trips are scheduled around the full moon, when specific energies and insights are released. These energies and insights are dependent upon the pattern of the heavens at the time of the full moon. To get the most benefit from this time, we will spend the evening of the full moon in a particularly sacred place such as Sedona.

The trips vary according to the needs of the participants. Some of the journeys bring us to The Grand Canyon. A collision of the Earth's forces created this awe-inspiring canyon which neither pictures nor words can fully describe. We will experience the Canyon by traveling along the rim, descending into the depths and by observing the continuous show of colors and patterns as the sun moves across the sky over the Canyon.

We often explore the Northeast corner of Arizona, which is known as Indian Country. It is a place made special by the ancient traditions of the Navajos and Hopis.

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