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Client Feedback

"As a result of our coaching sessions I have a greater sense of what matters most. This has helped me to find peace in my busy life as a working mom. You helped me to find the transformative power I hold within myself and recognize the future is mine to create." ~ C.B. Mom / Assistant Director Corporate Communications

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to get in touch with myself again. I am really enjoying this process (coaching). It is amazing how much of ourselves and our lives that we can be too busy to see!" ~ D.R., Physical Therapist

"Reading was clear and to the point. Very exact! WOW! The symbols were interesting and not ambiguous." ~ G.Z., Accountant

"The reading was helpful and very accurate to my current situation." ~ C.C., Owner of Cleaning Service

"The information you gave me really helped to clarify some of the situations I've been in in the past six months. You were right on the money, girlfriend! Thank you." ~ E.B., Administrative Assistant

"Thanks for telling me what I needed to hear, when I needed it most; may God be with you always. Peace." ~ D.B., Software Engineer

"The tarot reading experience with Sedona was tremendously powerful. The character reading was startlingly accurate. The reading revealed aspects of my character which impact directly on my ability to direct my future and to attain my goals. I felt deeply moved by the straightforward, honest, and truthful content of the reading-not only did I become conscientiously aware of creating my own pitfalls, but I was also able to move more gracefully and confidently into the challenging but rewarding experiences which were ahead. Sedona's tarot reading strongly suggested which direction my personal and financial life would take, and revealed how my unique strengths and weaknesses could impact that direction. As a result of my first tarot reading experience, I would highly recommend Sedona's services to anyone who is sincerely seeking to improve herself and her life circumstances." ~ L.S., Librarian

"The Taurus moon followed us into Sedona; what little I could see in the early morning hour of 2:00 a.m., pushed surges of energy through my body. I fell asleep with wonder and awe of what I would see in the daylight. So begins my journal of my first trip with Sedona. I trusted her completely and felt it was the best planned adventure I have ever allowed myself to have." ~ C.J.K., Psychotherapist

"I was free to experience the beauty and awesomeness of the country, because I was so supported by Sedona. All I had to do was show up, she took care of everything." ~ C.G., Manager

"Thanks for making the 'Sedona Sunrise' such a memorable trip. Your love of the land really touched my heart in many ways. I have learnt so much about myself on this trip that I can't explain even. I hope I will make some steps to becoming the person I want to be." ~ M.M., Owner of Delivery Service

"Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to experience my own awakening of an appreciation of love and beauty not before felt; - for enabling me to experience a love of this land and respect for its people which has opened my heart in a new way." ~ M.L., Realtor

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