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Tarot Readings

I have been reading the tarot since 1982 and am a Certified Tarot Consultant with the American Tarot Association. The Tarot is an art and a tool that I use to assist you in getting in touch with your thoughts and feelings. It is a visual map to your subconscious and a "mirror to your Soul". It can offer insight and clarity to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

When I do your reading the deck I use and have always used is the Thoth Deck by Aleister Crowley*. Although there is some controversy surrounding Aleister Crowley and his mystery school, I have found his tarot deck one of the most beautiful. The cards which were originally painted by Crowley's friend Frieda Harris have a universal nature as the symbolism on them comes from Egyptian, Greek, Christian and Eastern traditions. Most cards also have an astrological significance and there are many symbols from the zodiac. Its close association with the Kabbalah further enhances the deck's multidimensional nature. The universal and archetypal symbols make the cards easy to read whether the reader is experienced or a beginner.

My readings are for a six-month period and I will only read for a client once every six months. I use my own Celtic cross spread and as I lay down each card I will tell you about the position in the spread and what the card means in that position. As each card is laid down a map begins to unfold, a map showing the direction of your life over the next six months. This map is from your subconscious and you can alter or change it for you are in control of your own destiny. After we lay out the map, you can ask me any specific questions you may have about the reading, your life, or whatever.

Tarot cards are neither scary nor do they tell the future. They alert you to patterns in the past, present, and show patterns, which may operate in the future. You can change these patterns for you are in control of your own destiny.

The tarot readings are done either in person or over the phone. Phone readings are taped and you receive a copy of the tape. To schedule a tarot reading please call or email me.


Readings are usually an hour long although shorter sessions can be arranged. Most readings are done on the phone, taped and the tape is sent to you. However, readings can be done in person, check my schedule to see if or when I will be in your area.
Readings: $75

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