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V. Why Define Your Life Purpose, Mission and Vision?
"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment."
- Lao-Tzu

In the last newsletter I discussed defining your purpose, mission and vision and how to do that. I also stated in the next newsletter I would discuss why it is so important to define and write down your purpose, mission and vision. Well, just to let those of you who don't know, know; Michael my beloved husky who is pictured with me on my web site passed over on February 6. As most of you are aware he had been very sick with cancer since last June and I have given a great deal of my time and energy to his illness and passing. I have also taken the last two months to mourn my loss as this has left an especially large hole in my heart. I am still not done mourning, but it is time to get on with some parts of my life.

The other day I was looking at my current life vision and I realized that it includes Michael and his needs. I then realized that it is now time to redefine my life vision without his physical presence.

As I thought about redefining my vision for my life, I also thought about why we define our life purpose, mission and vision and why it is so important to write these down. Of course, this brought me back to the fact that I had been promising to write to you all about this exact issue. So let's talk about why it is so important to have a life purpose, mission and vision and to write them down.

Without knowing your life or soul purpose, mission and vision you flounder through life not sure why you are here, not sure of your next step, sometimes not even sure of who you are. When you are living true to your life purpose, mission and vision your life seems to flow. Things just seem to go your way, you have a sense of well-being, "all is right with the world". The Universe, Spirit, God seems to support you totally in your goals when they are true to your purpose, mission and vision.

This support also includes giving you the clues you need when you are not on the path leading to fulfilling your purpose, mission and vision. We have all come to Earth to fulfill a purpose and when we are not fulfilling this purpose there is a sense of something tugging on our heart, a nagging in the back of our heads that says, "all is not right". Our lives don't work quite smoothly and we know at a gut level something is wrong.

What happens when we ignore these naggings and tugs? Our lives seem to get more and more difficult. Sometimes we develop illnesses or physical pain in our bodies. We try distractions like addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, or sex; sometimes we have affairs, change jobs, change wives/husbands, none of which, of course make our lives better. Things just seem to get worse and worse.

There are lots of distractions to get you off your path and that is why it is so important to write down your purpose, mission and vision. When it is written down, you can look at it to verify that you are on and continue to stay on the path you have chosen. When you asked to do something for someone else, you can refer to your written statements. When you have any kind of choice to make, you can refer to your written purpose, mission and vision and ask yourself the following questions:

"Does this fit with my life purpose? Will this bring me closer to my life vision? Will doing this assist my life to flow? Is this part of why I am on the planet at this time?

Remember, your life vision can be changed as circumstances in your life change. Your life vision may change as people come and go in your life, as different areas of the world appeal to you as good places for living or even as you decide to do different work. Your life purpose and mission really do not change, however you may want to change the wording in your purpose and/or your mission. For instance, my life purpose wording has not changed since I wrote the October newsletter. My mission, how I express that purpose in the world, has changed. I stated my life mission previously as; "I inspire others to create and live lives of joy, purpose, love and abundance". Lately that has not been feeling very comfortable to me and I changed it to; "I intuitively connect others with their true Self and Purpose empowering them to create a life that allows their Spirit to soar". What I do in the world hasn't changed, but this feels more like what happens when I do it.

Often we do not find our purpose or path at all due to the distractions of every day life and living. We must take care of our families, pay our bills, do what our family of origin thinks is right for us, etc. However, my sense is until you determine your life purpose, you will not feel at peace. Some people live their life purpose without ever having to state it, however, they are very rare.

If you haven't already written your life purpose, mission and vision, I trust this has given you the incentive to go back to my October newsletter and start to define each of these pieces of your life. If you need assistance, please free to contact me and we can talk about what you need and what services I may be able to offer you.

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