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X. Transitions
Spiritual Tools for the Journey, Part I

Transitions are the endings to life as we knew it. They may be changes we consider painful that are brought about by illness, aging, termination, separation or death. They may be changes that we judge as joyful, such as moving onto a better job, a new home, marriage, a new relationship, retirement, etc. However even with joyful changes there is usually some component of the change that brings pain or discomfort for we are leaving the familiar and moving to the unknown. With all change comes gain as well as loss, for there are rewards that come even with what we consider painful transitions.

Transitions are the death of who we used to be. For with all change, we die to who we used to be. Yet the end is the beginning, for the reality is, as Marianne Williamson writes in her book "The Gift of Change", "every change is a challenge for us to become who we really are". When we die to who we used to be we have an opportunity to find our true selves and begin to live authentically. We can experience our true being and release other people's projections of who we are. We can die to who we used to be and instead become who we are capable of being. For aren't we similar to the caterpillar in the quote above, thinking that our transition is the end of the world, and yet if we reach out to our Source we see that it is really us becoming who we were intended to be all along.

The darkness that feels like pain or loss in a transition is simply an invitation to the light. The light is that spirit within all of us that acknowledges and knows that we are divine, that we are perfect. It is that place inside us that knows we are connected to the Source and to everyone. And when we recognize that connection we have permission to expand and become who we were really meant to be.

This all sounds very wonderful, however how do we get from our pain or our anger or our sadness at what is happening to us to this place of wholeness and connectedness? One way is to follow what I call the "Four Simple Rules for Living". These rules are based on Angeles Arrien's principles in her book, "The Four-fold Way, Walking the Path of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary". Many of you who have taken my workshops or had readings with me will recognize them. They are as follows:

  • Show up
  • Pay attention
  • Tell the truth
  • Let go of the outcome

I have taken these rules and combined them with spiritual principles into a process I use with my clients and myself to facilitate this trans-formation through transition. Starting next week and for the next three months, I will be sharing these spiritual principles with you all. I will explain how you can use certain spiritual principles to assist you in living the rules and moving to the Light that shines within each and every one of us.

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