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III. Past Lives - Are They Really Relevant to Our Current Life?

One of the questions I am most frequently asked when I start to talk about experiencing and becoming aware of past lives is, "I have enough trouble dealing with the life I am in right now, why would I want to explore another lifetime?". It's a really good question, especially since we all have our share of challenges, issues and questions in the lives we are currently living. However, my experience in facilitating past life regressions for the last eighteen years has been that when we explore these past lives, we actually get more information we can use to deal with those challenges and issues and sometimes even get answers to those questions.

We already carry the pain of past lives with us into this lifetime. Our cells "remember" the pain of physical, psychic and emotional blows to our bodies from our past lives. This remembered pain can cause various ailments, phobias, and even reactions to people we meet in this current life. When you explore the past life where you received the blow, you can understand it and let it go.

If you have done any therapy you know that psychological pain not recognized or acknowledged continues to come out in anger or physical hurt in our bodies, i.e., dis-ease. The same can and does happen with pain from previous lifetimes. Until we deal with it we carry it from those lifetimes. Many people I have worked with have had phobias or fears of various things from bees to winding mountain roads. When they experienced that they had died as a result of exposure to these things in a previous life, they could release the memory, knowing that this was something they had already experienced and certainly do not need to experience again in this lifetime and therefore, there was no need for the fear.

The regression experience can help us let go of repeating patterns we have repeated over and over again. The definition of insanity to people in 12-step programs is "repeating the same behavior over and over again and expecting different results". Even as we do this in our current lives, we often do this from lifetime to lifetime. Seeing these patterns again we can let them go and actually use this current lifetime to grow. I have had people get divorced after a past life regression because they experienced a lifetime in which they were married or in relationship with the same person as they were in this lifetime. When they realized they were repeating the same behavior and responses as they had done in a previous lifetime, they could release themselves and the other person to go on to other growth experiences. It's like "been there, done that", don't need to do it again breaks the pattern.

I have talked about all the pain that can be eliminated when exploring past lives, but as a Life Coach I deal with inspiring people to grow and live to their full potential. We have seen how exploring past lives allows us to release challenges and issues giving us room to grow. How can past life exploration help us soar to our full potential? I think one of the most important aspects of this is, it assists us to see the knowledge, skills and talents we may have already gained from a previous life. When we explore past lives often we see positive patterns of being a healer, or an artist or a statesman. We can use the talents gained from previous lives to build on in our current life and make decisions about what we want to accomplish now.

When we decide to return to this planet we often have agreements with others to help us create what we have come to create, learn what we need to learn and return our power that we may have given away in the past. This is explored in depth in Caroline Myss's most current book, "Sacred Contracts". As we explore our past lives we can also explore these agreements or contracts we have made with others in our lives. This facilitates our growth much more rapidly. I know when I fully understood why I choose my mother and what agreements we came to "play out" on this planet, I could release her, myself and a great deal of power I gave away in a past life was returned to me. Because of this experience I can fully be what I came here to be. How freeing and rewarding.

Last but not least; once you experience a past life and your transition from that life to the place in between lives, you fully know that there is no death. It is only another part of this wonderful experience we call life. So why not soar in this current lifetime, why not free yourself from those shoulda, woulda, couldas and live life to its fullest?

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